Are you still grateful? Let’s throw it back a little bit to Sunday’s mid-year thanksgiving service at Christ Embassy Calgary Group Church.

What a joyous time of praise and thanksgiving unto our Heavenly Father for a glorious first half of the year!

A glorious atmosphere of worship and praise was accompanied by God’s word as our highly esteemed Group Pastor shared on the importance of thanksgiving and gratitude.

With great joy and thanksgiving seeds, everyone came out to pour their magnificent praise to the Lord for the blessings, promotion, restoration and soul winning exploits in the first half of the year and Pastor declared words of blessings upon their lives.

Special groups and categories came out to express their gratitude to God in thanksgiving with their seeds, dancing and songs of praise.

There was also a Love Feast Celebration in today’s service as directed by our dear man of God throughout the month of Joy.

It’s our Month of Joy…Joy Overflow

We look forward to the remainder of the year with much anticipation for the victories that will come forth! Hallelujah

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Photo credit: CE Calgary media

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