“Whatever is worth doing is worth training for, passion is not enough; we must be trained to achieve great results and that is what we are experiencing as church” -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD

From July 16th – 18th, Leaders in the Christ Embassy Calgary Group gathered for a life-transforming period. Led by our esteemed Group Pastor, Pastor Kobby Saah, we were trained, prepared and equipped for the great work ahead!


The esteemed Pastor Kobby emphasized on 3 important points we must consider as leaders.

James 1:1-7 TPT Let joy be your first response, let your joy handle the matters. In challenging times, your faith is being tested. The test of your faith is always based on the instruction God gave you. He wants to see the quality of your heart. It’s always a test. There’s a difference between A test and temptation.  Have endurance, Keep your eyes on him all the time. If there is anything you are falling short of, ask. Faith is a legal document, a title deed. If you ask anything in faith, it has already been given James 1:8, Proverbs 16:30.

 What if you did this for good? What can you create? What can you devise when you are meditating .Use your creative ability to create in your mind. Then speak it forth, talk it! Don’t be double minded. Don’t do one thing then stop and do another.

What a glorious time it was! Great grace was poured out gifts were released and prophecies came forth by the Spirit! It’s a time of promotion and expansion! The city of Calgary will never be the same! Glory to God!

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