COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Blood Clot, Second Case In Alberta

Amidst several cases of  severe clotting and thrombocytopenia syndrome after some patients received their shots of the COVID-19 vaccines, Alberta has reportedly seen her second case of (VITT) medically termed “vaccine-induced immune thrombotic. This was announced by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Alberta  in the early hours of Saturday 17th of March 2021

A 60-year-old Albertan man whose identity remains undisclosed was reportedly diagnosed with a blood clot following his dose of  AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine. According to Hinshaw, the patient is presently receiving treatment and recovering also including that health officials are monitoring the safety of AstraZeneca as well as all the other vaccines currently in service, she also claimed that the cases of blood clots remained “extremely rare.”.

 Notwithstanding, Canadians remain hesitant about receiving the vaccine as the vaccination centers opened in Calgary and Edmonton have reported low traffic yet the Chief medical officer continues to recommend the vaccine for anyone who is 55 and older.

This occurrence will only cast our minds back to the warnings and prophecies of the man of God, Rev.Dr Chris Oyakhilome concerning the dangers of taking the so called COVID-19 vaccine which many have ignorantly termed a “conspiracy theory”.

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