Highlights from Your Loveworld Phase 6 Season 3 -Understanding The Spirituality Of Jesus.

Your Loveworld Day 1 with Rev.Dr Chris Oyakhilome did not only unveil the word of God to us in a special way but amidst helping many understand true spirituality we also received prophetic guidance about things to come. The man of God revealed the plans of the perpetrators and collaborators of the covid-19 plandemic to create lockdowns which in reality he termed “lock ups”

The man of God started participants on a high note of divine revelations like never before. After beautiful moments of intensive prayers of intercession and worship, he reminded us of the words of Jesus: He said “you’re the light of the world”. He pointed us that Jesus wasn’t talking to the whole world, he was talking to God’s people.

He mainly stressed on understanding the spirituality of Jesus and following his steps. “Be spiritual minded. Look at the world from the spiritual perspective. If you are a child of God you are expected to see the world from the word point of view” There is no other way, he said. Until Jesus came no one told us that when someone was deaf, an evil spirit could be responsible and we needed to cast that spirit out. 

Pastor Chris showed us that even the disciples had a conciousness of the spirit as revealed in 2corinthians 4:16 “For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day”. He further explained that this was a consciousness of an inward man. (The human spirit)

Importantly, there is need to filter the information that comes to you and discern whether it’s from God or the devil. If it’s from the world, it’s from the devil. There are no middle grounds. When you cast out a devil they usually look for an opportune time to come back.

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