There Is A Place Of Appointment-Total Experience Calgary

Sometimes, you just know in your spirit that something needs to change in your life, and if you don’t take advantage of that intuition, you could lose the moment. When you know inside you that the time has come for a change or for something to happen, don’t take it lightly; start praying about it, and taking steps towards it if you really want to see the desired results. Most importantly recognize and be in the place of appointment. What is the place of appointment? It is the place where God has set to meet with his people and one important proof will be his manifested presence in that place. God’s presence is everywhere but his manifested presence isn’t everywhere.

There is one place of appointment this Sunday you don’t want to miss, it’s CHRIST Embassy Calgary Group church yes! this weekend we lighten up the city with the Total Experience, an epoch making event for the everybody, doesn’t matter who you are or where you have been, help, healing, answer to questions and solution to problems awaits. Miracles are real!

 The Church of Jesus Christ is the place where we should be right now, walking the perfect synchrony with the Father. When you are in sync with the Spirit of God, you are in a place of perfection, that’s where we are at the moment, and the glory of the Lord will be revealed in His Church like never before.




2925 10TH AVE

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